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Independent financial advisor for the military and federal employee community.

Zach Marshall

Financial Advisor/Owner

As a veteran, federal employee, or active-duty military member, you’ve seen your fair share of challenges. Life can get hectic and when it comes to finances, things can get complicated fast.  813 Financial is an independent financial services firm dedicated to serving our military’s service members and federal employees.  With expertise in military and federal employee benefits, and without any allegiances to big banks or insurance companies, I have the freedom to help you find solutions with your best interest at the forefront.  Your plan will be tailored to YOUR situation – not based on a cookie cutter approach.

As a Navy veteran myself, I’m familiar with the sacrifices you’ve made for your country, and I want to help you make the most of the benefits available to you through your service. Whether you need help with your retirement planning or insurance needs, or just want someone who can help you take advantage of all your benefits as a military member, veteran, or federal employee, 813 Financial is here for you.

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Fully Licensed Fiduciary

I know you have a right to demand the best when it comes to the people you trust with your financial future. That is why, at 813 Financial, it is not just my passion to put my clients’ best interests first – it is something you can always rely on.

Objective Investment Advice

Because I am independent, I have the freedom to offer you unbiased guidance, focusing on what is best for you and your financial goals, rather than proprietary expectations.


Unparalleled work ethic and dedication to help you reach your financial goals and objectives!

Military and Federal Benefits

Vast array of knowledge with both military and federal employee benefits packages

  • Let me help you manage your TSP!
  • Retirement/Separation coaching


I do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to financial planning. My approach allows me to deliver individual or family financial advice that’s completely custom-built for you!


Heavy tax burdens can affect the financial goals and dreams you have worked so hard to achieve.  Work with me and start utilizing my tax diversification strategies now!

Need a second opinion on your life insurance and investment portfolio?


When was your last conversation with your Financial Professional?

My Services

Comprehensive financial planning

Education funding solutions

Investment strategies

Asset allocation and management

Retirement income planning

Insurance Solutions and risk management

My Process


In this initial phase, I take time and great care to learn all I can about you and your unique financial outlook. Together, we work to clarify where you are, where you want to go, identify any risks and develop tangible goals to pursue.

Identify Solutions

I now have a better understanding of your financial goals and we can work together to identify specific solutions for putting those plans into motion. Your feedback is valued every step of the way.

Implement Strategy

Now we can put those plans into motion. Together, we create a timeline and strategies, manage the execution of the plan I have worked with you to develop, and help you keep that plan on-track.

Monitor Progress

I continue to monitor your progress and measure results against mutually agreed upon benchmarks.  This allows me to make any necessary adjustments along the way, while staying on-track as we work together to achieve your goals. This process helps to ensure sustainable results, which increases your confidence in the success of your plan.

My Broker Dealer

I Chose Cambridge.  I Chose Independence.

What does that mean for you?

813 Financial is an independent firm that has the freedom to choose how I run the business. I have chosen Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. as my broker-dealer because they give me more flexibility in the way I work with my clients. With Cambridge, I never have to worry about corporate interests or sales quotas, and can focus solely on what’s best for you.

Cambridge Investment Group, Inc. is a privately-controlled financial solutions firm focused on serving independent financial advisors and their investing clients. Cambridge is a national corporation with a registered investment advisor and an industry-leading independent broker-dealer.

Known as The Fee Experts®¹, Cambridge provides a broad range of choices regarding financial solutions, and we choose the customizable experience that best meets the needs of my clients.

Remaining independent and privately controlled has long been part of Cambridge’s plan. Click here to learn more about Cambridge.


1The Fee Experts® is a registered trademark of Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. for its investment advisory service for investment managers.

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